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Arash Behzadi Shares Moving, Intricate New Neo-Classical Album '11:11'

Arash Behzadi's latest album, '11:11,' is a captivating journey into the depths of emotion and the mysteries of life. Released on November 11th, the Canadian/Iranian Neo-Classical pianist and composer once again proves his mastery in crafting mesmerizing melodies and dynamic improvisational techniques.

Known for his worldwide performances that have left audiences spellbound, Behzadi uses the piano as a vessel to capture the intricacies of life. '11:11' explores the concept of synchronicities and unexplained experiences in the artist's life, inviting listeners to contemplate the depth and mystery of existence.

With a repertoire that spans the globe, from Bali to New York, Dubai to Istanbul, Naples to Moscow, Geneva to Toronto, Arash Behzadi brings a rich cultural tapestry to his compositions. His music, showcased in previous releases, reveals a profound understanding of emotional, cinematic soundscapes with piano and strings.

The album's title track delves into the interconnectedness of all things, offering a glimpse into the universe's mysteries. Behzadi's music, described as a reflection of life's complexities, captures moments of profound sadness, loss, exhilaration, and new beginnings.

As a pioneer in minimalist music, Arash Behzadi goes beyond traditional boundaries, incorporating evocative visual metaphors through dance, theatrical performance, film, and animation. '11:11' stands as a testament to his ability to provide fresh interpretations while maintaining a sense of honesty and intimacy.

In this latest addition to his growing catalogue, Arash Behzadi showcases some of his most captivating work to date. '11:11' is a beautiful testament to the artist's ability to create music that not only resonates with the soul but also invites contemplation of the mysteries that surround us.

Listen below:



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