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  • Paul Riley

Arliston Drop New Single "Hold My Wine" Ahead Of Upcoming EP

UK act Arliston are back with latest single “Hold My Wine”. Since bursting on the scene a few years ago, the London-based duo have been impressing everyone with their soothing brand of indie pop, and they look set to do the same again with “Hold My Wine”. Self-written and produced, the track arrives following the summer release of previous single “Mothering”, which received critical acclaim. Both tracks will appear on their upcoming EP, Even in the Shade, which will be released on November 4th.

“‘Hold My Wine’ is about that occasional moment of recognition when you look up from the narrow corridor of your own thoughts and are seized by the idea that everyone else has progressed and developed while you are stuck in an unchanged rut”, says Arliston’s Jack Ratcliffe. “The protagonist attempts to do something about it in the chorus – but inevitably, he gets it wrong.”



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