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Art-Pop Singer XINA Finds Solace in Stream of Consciousness Track "Lullaby by Whitenoise"

Last week Minneapolis-based artist XINA released her latest project, the first part of her self-produced double album "PULL/PUSH". Featured on "Pull" is her compelling and introspective new single “Lullaby by Whitenoise.” XINA has a knack for weaving thought-provoking lyrics with synth beats and intricate melodies. The art-pop track was created in one session, utilizing everything from guitar and analog synths. “Just me and my voice, guitar, a couple synths, and Ableton Live,” XINA describes. “It was very much a stream of consciousness and it was an incredibly cathartic experience.”

When asked about the inspiration behind “Lullaby by Whitenoise” XINA states, “Lullaby came from a place of desperation and forced acceptance of what my heart desired but could not obtain. It was very much a psychedelic stream of consciousness. In hindsight I found that it speaks to my inner child, a mixed kid who grew up in the suburbs of Minnesota. All of my crushes growing up were white boys who never paid me any attention. I'm grateful that this forced me to craft my own self-worth. Trying to convince someone to love me who did not see me in the same way caused me a lot of pain and self-deprecation. I think a lot of people have been there.”

The visuals give a new meaning to the track — theatrical and powerful, the music video highlights the internal journey XINA has had since working through the smallness she felt while growing up.

Check out the video now.


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