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Aruna fires back with the explosive new single 'Real World'

When she released her breakthrough debut single 'Selfish' back in 2021, London-based artist Aruna quickly established herself as one of the more enjoyable names emerging that year. And while it would be another two years before she shared her next effort 'Confessions', she is back in the swing of things with her explosive new single 'Real World', a track brimming with fun and upbeat energy.

While clearly influenced by the anthemic pop-punk sound of the 00s, 'Real World' has this brilliantly raw and unrefined approach to its sound. Keeping the production rough and fuzzy from start to finish gives the final release a far more rustic feel that perfectly suits her own buoyant DIY style to date.

Although it certainly stands as her most anthemic effort to date, 'Real World' also feels like the beginning of a more confident and assured artist at the helm. Combining strong and vibrant textures with her own emotive persona cements her as one of the more exciting names on the rise today.

Enjoy 'Real World' below.


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