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Atari Pilot share hopeful album It’s the journey you can’t live without

After a fast-paced single-release timeline that has built feverish anticipation Atari Pilot has released their second album, It’s the journey you can’t live without. Spanning eleven tracks, the project takes listeners through unique blends of nostalgia and futurism, with vast synth arrangements and distorted guitars walking the line between 1980s atmospheres and bright, modern tendencies. Across the project, the lyricism leans towards a life-affirming message, representing deeper messages beneath the infectious arrangements.

The band comments on the project “It’s 11 Songs about loss, connection, disconnection, acceptance, sorrow, hope, love, strength, vulnerability and everything in between.

Most of all this album is about learning to be your own biggest supporter and trying to embrace a life where every moment that led you here is a moment you wouldn’t change.

Finally, it’s a thank you to every person who’s ever supported us whether it was in the best of times or the hardest of times. The journey is always sweeter when you’re not alone and it’s the journey you can’t live without.”

Based in Swindon, Atari Pilot is comprised of Onze on vocals, Paj on bass, Andy on drums and Frosty on guitar. After nearly a decade, the band returned in 2020 after Onze’s recovery from cancer, bringing with them a new energy and matured style.



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