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Atlanta's TROOP BRAND unlocks the door to everything in his new single

Following the release of his 2019 LP Carpe Diem, Troop Brand’s career continues to jump from strength to strength as he returns with a double single release “Mrs. Pelly” the woozy, Hip Hop track that samples Nightcrawlers’s 90s classic, “Push The Feeling On (The Dub of Doom)”, and his groovy new offering “The Door To Everything”. Crafted in collaboration with Professor X, Zaia Vibes and Hi Hat Hamin. 

The Door To Everything” is filled with soulful rhythms and pockets of glimmering electronica, welcoming listeners into Troop’s carefully curated dreamworld.

The Door To Everything is the perfect electric trip”, Troop explains. “Imagine open fields, the natural landscape filled with bright colors, and you and your closest friends stepping back from daily life into an oasis reserved only for the best of times.” 

Troop Brand is bringing balance that is needed for the masses. Growing up traveling the world with his parents, he began singing in church from a young age - a passion which led him to join the Mississippi Boy’s Opera Choir. Becoming a classically trained opera singer, the young artist began to experiment with a rich musical tapestry, eager to bring a versatile element to his own soundscapes. 

With no intentions of slowing down, “The Door To Everything” is an indication of an artist who is able to draw on their own experiences to curate vibrant musical landscapes.

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