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august at night drops the ominous single ‘KFY’

Returning from a year-long hiatus, august at night is back with a new single entitled ‘KFY’. The track is dark and brooding, august’s stoic vocal performance echoes the lyricism of the track. It’s atmospheric and reflective, capturing your attention with his subtly powerful tone of voice throughout. The instrumentation is equally aggressive, the bass and kick are both hard-hitting, as well as the focus of the instrumentation. This is topped with rattly hi-hats and sound design using synths and acoustic guitars to expand the texture.

On the new release, the artist shares:

“KFY is intentionally stripped. It was born in a period where I wanted to start fresh. Wanted to get out of the comfy cage I'd built for this music. Sometimes putting together a bassline and letting your voice out can make that difference.”

This release sees august return after a year long hiatus. His previous releases garnered press buzz and streaming growth, but put the artist in a position where he felt a need to redefine his sound, ‘KFY’ is the first taste of this dynamic and dark feel to august’s music.

A re-emerging rising star, we are excited to see where august at night takes this new direction.



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