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august at night releases silky single ‘Greyhound’

Returning to music in 2023, august at night dazzled the press with his debut EP ‘Collection I’. Teased with the emotionally-driven ‘all i ever had’ the project showcased a graceful and soulful folk-pop that conveyed heartbreak and desire.

august’s next release after the ‘Collection I’ EP is new single ‘Greyhound’. A romantic and warm single, august performs in an almost whisper-like singing voice, softly delivering his love-drenched lyricism. This delicate performance is backed by gentle acoustic guitar rhythms and airy keys, bringing together the silky atmosphere with a climax of echoey drums.

The artist shares, “Some things are a return. Like that reminder of the deeper truth in every song, in every piece of art. A little glimpse of who you were and who you're becoming. That thing that remains. This song, for me, is that return.”

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