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august at night releases the reflective debut EP ‘Collection I’

For august at night, being authentic to himself is a central point for his music. This was shown when, after success with a string of singles in 2021 and 2022, the artist stepped away into a period of redefining his sound. Returning earlier this year with ‘KFY’, we were shown a fresh new perspective that was solidified with ‘all i ever had’. Now boldly expanding his horizons, august at night is cementing his name as one to watch with bewitching new music.

His new direction in shown in full in ‘Collection I’, the debut EP from the artist that features the tracks ‘all i ever had’, ‘type’, ‘fault line’ and ‘Hourglass’. Across the project august creates beauty in the bittersweet, delivering melancholic vocal performances that dive deep into the themes of love and romance. Blending elements of R&B and Trap into rich electronic soundscapes, bringing forth emotional ballads that feel as though they soundtrack your personal reflection. ‘Collection I’, put simply, showcasing something really exciting for august at night, a home for his music, a new era that will undoubtedly see success.

august at night shares, “There is Collection I, and there are the songs that came before it. We call that period, “the before times”. Those times are prehistoric. Primordial. They’re a planet that doesn’t know yet what it is, or what it wants to be.

Collection I is Era One. The birth of something special. Something that pokes its smooth head out of the water and looks up at the setting sun, the rising stars, and says I am.

This is august at night. Welcome.”


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