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  • Alice Smith

Aural Air Releases Latest Dream-Folk EP 'Imagined Pastures'

London-based Irish singer-songwriter Aural Air, known by the name Laura Rai, unveils her highly-anticipated EP, "Imagined Pastures," inviting listeners into a realm of ethereal, eerie, and expansive musical landscapes. With a sound that echoes the influences of musical heavyweights like Jeff Buckley, Anna Calvi, and Slowdive, Aural Air crafts a mesmerizing 5-track offering that delves into themes of mixed identity, poetic dialogue, and the juxtaposition of rural Ireland's nature against the backdrop of the Atlantic sea.

The EP unfolds with two previously released singles, "Painted by Numbers" and "Karman Line," setting the stage for Aural Air's signature style. These tracks are marked by a sense of nostalgia for lost people and places, weaving a sonic tapestry that spans generations and lifetimes. The third single, "Night by Night," explores the debris of a past relationship, intertwining with the artist's enigmatic and haunting dream-folk musical style.

Aural Air shares insights into the creation of "Night by Night," stating, "The melody became an affirmation that circled around my mind on loop, in defiance of everything I wanted to move on from. It felt natural to layer it with heaps of delay and modulation on the guitar; this created a sense of movement and warping of reflections into something new." This glimpse into the artistic process offers a deeper understanding of the track's emotional resonance.

"Imagined Pastures" immerses listeners in a sonic landscape dominated by imaginative and distinct layers of electric guitar, mystical harmonies, and percussive textures. The EP was recorded by Darragh Nolan at Asta Kalapa and funded by the Government of Ireland stimulus fund.

Aural Air's "Imagined Pastures" is a journey into the artist's soul, an exploration of sonic landscapes that defy conventional boundaries. With each track, Aural Air invites audiences to join her on an intimate and enchanting odyssey, poised to bring her unique writing style to captivated listeners worldwide.



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