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Aurelia Day Releases Powerful New Track 'Huntress'

Aurelia Dey is an artist with an abundance of talent and an ever expanding arsenal of expressional tools. ‘Huntress’ is her latest example of her artistic flair, an empowering anthem set to an addictive instrumentation.

As the title suggests the track is centred around breaking down gender stereotypes and pushing the movement of female empowerment. Looking to take control not just in love but in life, staking a claim in a world where it’s become so easy to be dismissed and under represented. Set to a backdrop of a dancehall, afro-fusion mix the song commands attention whilst simultaneously possessing an infectious beat that defies anyone listening not to dance and live through the spirit of the music.

She describes “Huntress” as a way of acknowledging a new level of liberal feminism whilst cultivating a profound connection to diversity. Her lyrics read; “Yes you can call me Katniss or Xena warrior princess, if you don’t come over here, I will hunt you down with the spear, grown woman have no fear”. This alone embodies the sense of power she possesses.

2020 was a big year for the artist as she used the pandemic as an opportunity to hone her skills and define her career. As well as producing and creating her own brand of dancehall and afrobeats music, she also produced an innovative concert experience as a web series, all under the concept of “Sunday Service”.

As an artist Aurelia is incredibly exciting both in practice and in concept. Her constantly evolving expressionism as well as her artistic intrigue into her Nordic/Ghanain culture allows her to create and experiment in ways we haven’t seen or heard before, something that is sure to set her aside from her peers as she moves forward.

Listen To 'Huntress' Here;


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