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Australian Singer-Songwriter Don Mai Goes Synth-Pop On New Single 'Stay The Night'

Australian Singer-Songwriter Don Mai returns with his new single 'Stay The Night'. The follow up to the ‘Better’ and ‘Caught Up’ both released earlier this year, Don once again demonstrates his impeccable ear for cohesive and commercial music.

Bringing together tight synth heavy production, electronic beats and subtle layers of picked guitar, ‘Stay The Night’ see’s Don create an 80’s inspired Electro-Pop soundscape under his stylistic, unaffected vocal delivery. As danceable as it is related, ‘Stay the Night’ once again see’s Don demonstrates his potential as an up and coming pop artist and future star.

Speaking on the new single, Don said: “Stay The Night is a song about catching feelings for a friend and not wanting to admit it, as it is much simpler just being single.

I wanted to try out sampling for the first time and was feeling inspired by the comeback of the 80's sound. I eventually found a cool synth sample. I chopped it up and sped it up to what you hear at the start of the song. I then came up with the bassline to match with the synth, then added the drums. The drums were a big part of the 80’s sound on this track.”

'Stay The Night' is available now on all streaming services.



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