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Austrian band Good Wilson return with "Plenty"

Rising band Good Wilson, also known as your go-to band for a "smooth ride on the sunny coast in a guitar-shaped cab", just released a new single titled "Plenty". It is the perfect antidote to the stresses of everyday life. With its laid-back, breezy vibe and catchy melodies, this song promises to inject some much-needed springtime relaxation into the world.

The song embodies Good Wilson's signature sound, with deep lyrics that take unexpected twists and turns. The opening lines invite listeners to ponder the true nature of abundance and contentment:

Talking about the song, they explain: "The world needs change. 'Plenty' is a song about being tired of the plentiful excuses made by those who have plenty of possibilities and plenty of power to make those changes in the world."

The band is getting ready for their first UK shows in just a few days. More details below:

London - 10th of May at Austrian Heartbeats at Wombats Hostel Brighton - 11th and 12th of May at The Great Escape Festiva


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