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B3AM releases the dancefloor anthem ‘High Road’

B3AM is a prominent figure of the Nigerian EDM scene, a man who ditched a background of law, tech and finance for a new venture, DJing and production. Ready to breakout on the global stage, the artist build shows that feature stunning visuals to go alongside his stimulating and uplifting music.

B3AM’s second official release is new track ‘High Road’, showing off his ability to create synth design that perfectly injects energy into his music. Thumping kick drums and fast-paced melodies ring out over the track in a drop that will have you jumping out of your seat. In the verses, the vocals guide us through a hazy atmosphere, with the soundscape building around the vocals, with claps, synth pads, leads all adding momentum. With this track, B3AM gives his audience a modern club banger that will electrify the dancefloor.

B3AM shares, “High Road is an uplifting dance track that tells a story of resilience with a backdrop of rousing melodies, tender vocals, and thoughtful songwriting. The song narrates a story of overcoming obstacles and never giving up, making it an uplifting anthem for those who face life's challenges head-on.”

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