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Baby Pink releases irresistible new single "Take Notice"

East-London-based British/Australian songstress Baby Pink is quickly gaining an infamous reputation with her unique take on soul/R&B music. Situated somewhere between singing and rapping, her unique vocal tone graces each of her tracks and informs her signature sound. In anticipation of her upcoming EP "Crocodile", she's releasing her second single "Take Notice."

The track features a vibrant melting pot of playful drums, heartwarming synths and divine backing vocals. Her vocals smash through the mix, coming drenched in R&B sensibilities and working hand in glove with well-penned lyrics. The track has already gained coverage from Notion and Music Crowns so is sure to be hit.

According to Baby Pink, "Take Notice speaks on the initial stages of a relationship, that feeling when you want something to progress but you know that's all dependent on how focused on the connection the other person is."

With everything in the right place, we can't wait to see where she'll take this.


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