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Baby Schillaci channel a dark energy on sophomore single 'So Bad'

When Cardiff-based outfit Baby Schillaci delivered their breakthrough debut single 'Radical' earlier this year, BBC Radio Wales compared them to the vibrant style of The Clash. But not ones to find themselves pigeonholed at such an early stage, they are now returning with a wonderfully dark and driven new effort in the form of 'So Bad'.

Self-described as "Tom Waits delivered with the energy of Nine Inch Nails and Nick Cave", their newest outing is an incredibly dense and euphoric new effort. Conjuring a raw and powerful atmosphere that plays fast and loose with the traditional post-punk sound, their raucous new release shows that they have a lot more inventive nature piled up within them.

Very rarely do we get to hear a band burst from the gates with this much tenacity, but Baby Schillaci are instantly one of the most anthemic new bands to have emerged so far this year. Brimming with an unbridled energy from beginning to end, this is one cacophonous delight you are not going to want to miss.

Enjoy 'So Bad' below.

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