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  • Rose Shannonn

Bad Pop unleashes brand new track 'Heartache On The Reddit Boards'

Meeting in Vancouver’s dusty music and comedy clubs, Canadian trio Bad Pop have shared their mutual love for rock and humour for the past eight years. They now release their single ‘Heartache on the Reddit Boards’ with a mesmerising video to accompany.

“The song is written through the perspective of a young artist who feels like they’re special and deserving of success, whose purpose is to have an audience, how they get it or what they say in front of it doesn’t really matter. So we wanted to use footage that had a real performative feel to it but also hinted at this vapid, perception based internet culture that we live in, where attention is the goal in itself” - Chris Connelly

Written originally as an acoustic tune, ‘Heartache on the Reddit Boards’ was eventually layered with fuzzed out, distorted guitars in a similar vein to My Bloody Valentine or Siamese Dream era Smashing Pumpkins. Giving the tune its own identity, ‘Heartache on the Reddit Boards’ is complete with a saw solo.

“I was listening a lot to Mercury Rev’s “Deserter’s Songs” , and love how they use a musical saw on that record and am super happy we got to do that on this track!”

Taken from the band’s recent EP Dark Metal, the video was made by Daniel Philbrooks and uses old found footage that felt warm and fuzzy, vintage like, “a little funny, in a sarcastic kind of way”. Dark Metal was met with great praise from UK and Canadian press and radio with Gary Powell of The Libertines stating he is adding “them to his list of great Canadians” following his support for them on his Boogaloo Radio station.

“Dark Metal is a hard hitting, jangly, punk rock record built to wake you up with a slap in the face. Lyrically it’s cynical, and sarcastic. It’s confrontational in a ‘tongue and cheek’ kind of way, always with a smirk as it confidently struts with a swagger” - Chris Connelly

“I often try to write through the perspective of different characters and "Heartache On The Reddit Boards" is about a young, entitled artist who feels like they’re special and deserving of success. Is desperate for it. They’ll dabble in cringe worthy earnestness, jaded cynicism, it doesn’t matter, whatever gets the most likes. It’s about this vapid, perception based, internet culture and the art that comes from that. A shameless self promoters, in the golden age of self promotion” - Chris Connelly

With more time to sit on this release after not having to follow basic structure and time restrictions implemented by studios, each track on this EP has had more breathing time and consideration to its future both live and in the band’s discography, allowing them to develop like never before.

“Having a pandemic and lockdown really shaped these songs in unexpected ways. Normally we’d make a record by going into the studio and recording a bunch of songs that we had rehearsed, then we’d release them in a timely manner that coincided with live dates. There was always a strict timeline and schedule that was followed. None of that happened this time, we were able to sit with the songs and let them breathe and experiment more” - Chris Connelly.



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