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Baldo Verdú releases catchy Latin Pop single 'Amor'

Baldo Verdú is an artist unlike many. Fusing together, soul, pop, latin and many other influences of music, he crafts together a pop-infused sound that is enjoyable for listeners far and wide and he returns with fresh new single 'Amor'. Blending nuances of reggaeton and latin pop, Baldo also implements his intoxicating and commanding vocal style that makes for a captivating listen.

An album on the horizon, 'Amor' is a song full of love, joy and inspiration, which is exactly why we should listen to music in the first place. Verdú imposes his roots on us all, and we love the openness and honesty in his music and the infectious joyous nature of it. Check it out now.

Stream 'Amor' in full here:

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