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Bambibrains set to release new infectious single: 'John Doe'

Jameson Johnson is an accomplished musician in his own right, however his Bambibrains releases prove this further.

‘John Doe’ is the latest offering from BambiBrains and showcases his ear for infectious melody. A pop inspired musical backdrop, consisting of drums, bass and guitars allow a platform for him to express his honest lyricism in his own heartfelt and playful way. James hopes this marks the style and focus of the music set to be released over the course of the next year.

Speaking to us about the release, James said: “The process of making John Doe came from one reoccurring question: How do I write a very specific breakup song, without naming names and ending up in some kind of lawsuit. John Doe narrates a personal experience with the power play of secrecy and shame in queer relationships. Particularly ones that are glaringly obvious, operating in broad daylight. Everybody seems to know, but the position of power is so entrenched we collectively assume it’s not worth the risk of pushing back against it.

I guess this translates, as it is lyrically quite cynical- a trait I had been trying to avoid... so much so that I would find myself suffocating in toxic positivity, with a fear that if I externally acknowledged how grim everything was, it would somehow allow that feeling to fester forever. Retrospectively, it was by actually embracing the cynical and sitting in the feeling of downtrodden hopelessness that I was able to create something purposeful. At least for my own sense of reinvigorating hope.”

We feel that through the various influences showcased, the Sydney-based musician is starting to cut and shape the industry to his liking. With more material ready for consumption, the future looks very bright for the singer-songwriter.


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