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  • Alice Smith

Bass Bin Ventures into Digital Realm with Launch of 'Bass Bin Sessions' Platform

Brighton-based events company Bass Bin, renowned for its steadfast support of DIY culture and live events across the UK and Europe, is stepping into the digital spotlight with the introduction of their new platform, 'Bass Bin Sessions.'

Centred around their YouTube channel and social media platforms, Bass Bin Sessions aims to leverage the established Bass Bin brand to spotlight new and emerging talent through live sessions powered by their iconic 12-volt wheelie bin sound system, a unique creation in collaboration with Element 5 Sound Systems. Since its inception in November 2023, Bass Bin Sessions has been a platform for a diverse array of artists, offering viewers a rich tapestry of genres and styles.

With a 15-year legacy in the live events arena, Bass Bin has been a fixture at festivals such as BoomTown, Noisily, Glade, and Hadra, primarily catering to the Drum and Bass scene. However, the launch of Bass Bin Sessions signals a strategic move to broaden the brand's horizons, extending its reach to encompass a wider spectrum of musical genres and providing a platform for both established and emerging artists to showcase their talents and express themselves freely.

As Bass Bin Sessions looks ahead, the platform promises an exciting lineup of sessions in the pipeline, with plans to continuously unearth hidden musical gems and foster artistic innovation. Artists and bands eager to seize the opportunity to showcase their talent are encouraged to register their interest by reaching out to

With the launch of 'Bass Bin Sessions,' Bass Bin ventures into the digital realm, expanding its legacy of championing live music and DIY culture while embracing the boundless potential of the online world to connect artists and fans alike. As the platform gains momentum, it stands poised to become a hub of creativity and discovery for music enthusiasts worldwide.



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