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Beau Cinema releases summer anthem ‘Collarbone’

Born in Birmingham, based in London, Alex Lanyon, also known as Beau Cinema is making his way to the spotlight after years of touring with huge artists as a session musician, writer and in their live bands. He’s worked with the likes of Dua Lipa, Ed Sheeran, James Bay, Mae Muller and Eloise. With his own music, he creates a space of dreaminess, capturing moments in time of his own life, with his fans soundtracking their own moments.

Beau’s latest offering ‘Collarbone’ is a glittery, groovy, funky disco-ball of a track. His vocal performance ticks every box for a great pop track, its personable, dynamic with lush harmonies to build up the track. The electric guitar part is impressive throughout, with endless feel in each chord. The bass is equally as legendary, with energised grooves filling the soundscape. The drums are punchy and all of this is topped with glamorous synths that sparkle in the high end.

On the new release, he shares “I wrote the song in March 2021, I remember it was the middle of another lockdown and life was kind of on hold. I met someone really cool where there was something between us, but due to circumstances, it never quite got further than being a ‘remember when’, but that’s kind of cool, and we were both cool with it, and we look back with really fond memories of that time, so I guess this song is just a snapshot of that really cool time.”

Beau Cinema has shown his talent in the shadows, now that he is bringing himself forward, there’s no doubt his solo career with sky rocket.


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