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Benedict shares compelling track ‘Wake Up’ and accompanying video

Poignant and highly meaningful, Benedict’s newest offering ‘Wake Up’ covers important topics of understanding and peace, and delivers atmospheric melodies alongside its inspiring message. The Melbourne based multi-hyphenate singer/songwriter is influenced by the likes of Massive Attack, David Bowie and Prince, and unites epic melodies with commanding vocals making for something truly special.

The track was released via Tomboi Records, a label was set up by Benedict with the goal of representing the under-represented within the music industry. The tracks' wondrous visuals are both stunning and deeply emotive, with the video being co-directed and choreographed by Benedict, Andy Chappell and Kelly Thomas.

Speaking on 'Wake Up', Benedict explains, “'Wake Up' is a people’s anthem. I saw a need to speak out for all peoples, all nations with the shocking things we have witnessed over the last few years, through government issues, wars, COVID-19, Black Lives Matter and injustices for the LGBTGIA+ community. We all fight one another, but what is the truth? The truth is that we are all human. If we can come together, break down fear, lies, and fight the division, we will be free.”

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