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Berlin's Trench Coast shines on immersive debut album 'Drinks'

When he first emerged last year with his vibrant debut single 'Television', it was clear that Berlin-based artist and producer Trench Coast was trying to explore a more varied aesthetic than most. And with the buzz behind his work continuing to build, he returns to deliver his sprawling debut album 'Drinks'.

Much like what those initial offerings first showed us, this new record is a broad and immersive delve into his own progressive ideals. Creating this wonderfully warm and vibrant atmosphere that sweeps and swoons throughout its runtime, 'Drinks' is a beautifully arranged introduction to his intentions, brimming with rich and tantalising pursuits at every turn.

This may be his first major release to date, but 'Drinks' already feels like the sound of an artist already well on his way to discovering his own unique sound. Evolving almost right before our eyes, Trench Coast is a project we are definitely going to need to keep a close watch on for the months ahead.

Enjoy 'Drinks' below.



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