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Beth McCarthy drops new single 'Friendship Bracelet'

Off the back of her show-stopping anthem ‘If You Loved Me Right’, Beth McCarthy is back with the infectious and relatable ‘Friendship Bracelet’, delivering her sugary-sweet yet edgy vocals over pulsating synths, deep bass, and cinematic, plucked strings. Beth’s lyrics are as witty as ever, delivering fierce realities of broken relationships- and burning friendship bracelets. With a hard-hitting chorus that has some serious singalong potential, ‘Friendship Bracelet’ is the second single taken from Beth’s highly-anticipated upcoming EP, boasting production and co-writing credits from Sophie Ackroyd (Nina Nesbitt, Benjamin Francis Leftwich).

Talking about the new track, Beth McCarthy shares: “‘Friendship Bracelet’ expresses the petty and over-dramatic feelings that you experience when you lose your friend to a new relationship and in a way, is like a friend breakup anthem.

Listen to 'Friendship Bracelet' today:


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