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Blake Rave Learns His "Lesson in Disappointment" on 3/26

Singer/songwriter Blake Rave has returned with his latest single, “Lesson in Disappointment,” set for release on March 26th. With a rockier sound, the track relies heavily on its electric guitar riffs (Dan Barracuda) and punchy drums (Daniel Weeks) as Rave explores a tale of all-too-familiar romantic turmoil. His vocals recall those of yesteryear, with a crisp tone and angsty edge . “Give it a little time/it might come back around. But then again some things are better left dead,/ six feet under ground,” he muses, a witty yet poignant take on the tribulations of love wrapped up in an anthemic chorus.

Based in London but hailing from the heartland of the U.S., Rave utilizes his knack for storytelling to combine influences from both homes. "As far back as I can remember, music has always been my best friend,” he shares. “Even when I felt like I had nothing, I knew I always had music.” 

His unique and contemporary sound holds indie and country roots, setting him apart in the UK music scene. You can feel Blake’s heart and soul in releases such as his single Oxygen, which promotes self-care and healing for listeners and his Pride anthem “Love is Love,” which was labeled as, “A tribute to equality” by Columnist 24 and received praise from Jem Girl at the Piano and Country Queer. "Home" received over 33,000 streams and was placed on rotation in Cafe Nero and The Body Shop on 2 continents, as well as world-wide radio play. His previous release, “Be Mine”, a light-hearted take on the traditional holiday song, was featured in Fame Magazine, Mystic Sons, and Jammerzine

“Lesson in Disappointment” was recorded at WWWStudios in the south of London, with live instruments that feel palpable to the listener. There is a rawness in the orchestration, with swooping strings that reverberate throughout in a cinematic way.

Rave shares, "Ripped from the pages of my dating diary, this song is about being let down by someone I had really high hopes for." The melancholy nature of the storyline is met with a sense of optimism, and a recognition of perhaps being better off alone. 

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