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Blake releases classic rock homage 'Plainsongs'

Though DIY classic rock artist Blake is now fully invested in his solo career, his previous endeavours alongside psychedelic rock outfit Karma Truffle, allowed his to share the bill with the Arctic Monkeys and a signing with Echto Music. He is now singed with indie label Subjangle and has seen success through his track, ‘Vinyl Junkie’, which went on to appear in the soundtrack to the 2019 Brit crime film, ‘24 Hours to Live or Die’.

The latest release from the multi-instrumentalist comes in the form of ‘Plainsongs’, a project in which he limited himself to recording on analogue tape to pay homage to bands from the 60s and 70s. The project explores the sounds of that era and the beauty in simplicity. It’s wonderfully human, and allows Blake to showcase his expert musicianship and years of experience.

On the album, Blake says “I wanted to record this L.P. on analogue tape without endless overdubs, like the recordings of the sixties, hence the title, ‘Plainsongs’. The aim was to capture the energy of the songs that I had been performing live with my band before we came into the studio. Musically and lyrically, the songs reflect the influences of the pre-digital era, too.”

'Plainsongs' is out on streaming platforms now! See below:

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