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  • Ellie McGuire

Blank Head Presents 'Hope in Blue'

Blank Head is a musical concept intent on breaking boundaries. The electronic concept album Hope in Blue is made up of a single 49-minute and 20-second composition that, as seen on the cover, musically depicts the life of a young girl in the 1950s in the USA as she travels through Hollywood, Europe, and New York City to meet her end.

Hope in Blue, was conceived by their long desire to compose a full-length piece of music as was the case many years ago. With tongue in cheek, its working title before discovering the 1950s Kodak slide of the young girl named Hope which was ‘Seem Funny’ with its obvious play on words. For the composer, it was always a single thing that changed in key or pace to represent different emotional moments in life. The instrumental ranges from classical, R&B, rock, and choral. There are several tempo and key changes throughout the project showcasing various periods in life of Hope. To their astonishment, splitting it up resulted from the unusually limited perspective on music that has been embraced since streaming became the default option.

After they started spending a lot of time in Iceland recently, a haphazard essay they wrote years ago gave rise to the idea of Blank Head, whose identity, philosophy, and scope became meaningfully enjoyable. To sum up, they consider Hope in Blue to be a serious work and have always anticipated that it might not be widely embraced.

Original and imaginative music has the power to cut over linguistic and cultural barriers, evoking a common beat that gives the listener a sense of purpose and feeling. Philosophical music can stimulate critical thinking and lead the listener to reflect on life's more profound questions. A space for introspection, contemplation, and self-reflection can be created by listening to thoughtful music. Not only can this type of music provide support during difficult times and circumstances, but it may also encourage change and development.

These kinds of music are beneficial to all people, regardless of their age, gender, culture, religion, or worldview. A well-written piece of music has the power to unite people, promote harmony, and encourage calm celebrations—all while optimising the human experience. A creative and original musical composition fosters freedom of expression, a distinct voice, and a unique perspective, leaving an enduring impression.



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