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Bleu Clair drops thumping electro house single 'Aura'

Bleu Clair is one of the most impressive house DJs around the live circuit right now. The Indonesian has a unique way in expressing his style of music, tech house with electrifying elements that only transcend your mind and take you other places entirely. New single 'Aura' does exactly that and so much more.

Teaming up female artist Jargen, she brings a whole new dynamic to proceedings, with her chopped up vocals spinning around the track before taking centre stage with Clair's brilliance in behind, before entering into a spellbinding drop. You can see why Clair has blown up in the way he has, now taking his music to a global stage with so many fans across the world. This is another club ready tune with plenty of hooks that will surely be nothing short of another fan favourite from Bleu Clair. Check it out now.


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