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BOY UNTITLED brings sass and realness with new music video for ‘Losing Time’

Billboard-supported BOY UNTITLED brings unapologetic sass to his new music video for single ‘Losing Time’, along with a necessary dose of realness. The thrilling electro-pop track, with its irresistibly catchy hook and shimmering melodies, is accompanied by a Felipe Noguiera-directed visual, channelling Madonna’s ‘Ray Of Light’ music video as BOY struts in front of an LED backdrop. The graphics depict the earth’s elements, as a metaphor for our relationship with Mother Nature and a reminder of the pressing climate crisis. Mixing style and energy with authenticity, this is an iconic project from a rising star on the LA queer-art scene, and BOY UNTITLED is set for great things.

Discussing the new release, BOY UNTITLED reveals: "Getting to explore my own music through the visual and production approaches of some of my favorite (and honestly, iconic) artists and music videos from my childhood has been such an awesome mindf***. It's fun to see so many pop-culture trends circling back to the forefront of this moment in a way that I can now embrace. Having spent so much of my life finding my way back home to myself - discovering and uncovering my queerness and authentic expression - it's a gift to be able to express that fully using these pieces of pop culture that meant so much to me (and yet, had to hide) as a kid.”



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