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Boy Untitled reveals artsy performance visual for latest single ‘Zenith’

Rising alt-pop artist Boy Untitled has revealed the new video for his latest single ‘Zenith’, delivering an artsy performance visual with slick, energetic choreography. Shot in a futuristic club setting which compliments the song’s electrifying dance hook, Boy Untitled demonstrates that his talents also include enchanting performances which truly bring his music to life.

Directed by Andrey Frazão, the video also features dancers Brooke Partain and Lucas Hive. Boy Untitled shares: “Creating this visual was such a different (and cathartic) experience from the previous music videos I've put out. In the last several months, I've had more opportunities to perform again for live audiences in really diverse settings. This time has definitely ignited my desire to develop myself more and more as a performer. And as the world continues to open and close without warning, live performance opportunities are an increasingly important component of channeling my creativity, as well as, my passion for building community and collaborating with the people/artists I love. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to synthesize all of these components together and create something that hits in a fun, raw, and personal way.”

Boy Untitled, also known as Mark Tennyson, began his career in the LA queer-art scene as a producer and curator, working with the likes of Miley Cyrus and LA Pride. Since making his debut as Boy Untitled, he has received notable recognition from publications such as Billboard, Earmilk, Gaytimes, Nylon and OUT! Magazine. Performing shows at The Viper Room, The Hi-Hat and The Mint amongst others, Boy Untilted is on an upward trajectory towards success.


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