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Bright Brown delivers soulful album 'Where the Ocean Once Was'

Brooklyn talent Bright Brown aka Alex Nahas embarks on a soul-searching journey on his fourth full length album Where the Ocean Once Was, led by crooning vocals over textured instrumentals. Recorded in the midst of the Mojave, the cinematic and atmospheric production weaves a tale of personal change and growth, bolstered by a range of collaborations that infuse freshness on each turn.

From the emotional and introspective nature of “Kid Cali,” to the poignant lyrical exploration of the title, the tracks on the album offer up a diverse blend of sounds, messages and energies all wrapped up in a poetic and thoughtful delivery.

Moving the from ethereal touches of percussion courtesy of Nahas’ sister Ava Nahas, to vibrant vocal features from the likes of Emily Cavanagh and Meg Massalone, the album which was recorded at Joshua Tree’s Goat Mountain Studio by Pat Kearns and debuted on January 31 at NYC's Rockwood Music Hall, is an immersive experience that leaves us wanting more.

Influenced by the likes of Peter Gabriel, Talk Talk, David Bowie and Elvis Costello, Bright Brown who has developed an authentic brand of earworm pop framed equally by personal experiences and outside-world concerns continues to expand his reach and fanbase.

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