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Brighton Indie-Rockers Comforts Shine On New Single 'Pink'

Bright, vibrant, exciting and with an undercurrent of affecting melancholy, the new single from Brighton Indie-Poppers Comforts 'Pink' is a shimmering stunner.

Opening with an understated, airy, reverb soaked guitar line, 'Pink' opens with a reflective melancholy. Instantly capturing an essence of Manchester band Blossoms, ‘Pink’ soon bursts into it's vibrant chorus as tight bass and drums shuffle under a wash of modulated guitars and perfectly placed vocal harmonies. As the track develops, Comforts truly start to show their potential with infectious riffs and interlocking sections of perfectly selected chord changes which serve to reinforce the melancholic tone of the track and further enhance the tracks impact.

Speaking about the meaning behind the single, the band explain: “Pink was written for the morning after. Sometimes, things are just best left unsaid. I think a lot of people have been in a conversation where they said something they regret. We all know it’s easy to get lost in the moment and you wish you’d have bitten your tongue. It’s like that old saying goes… don’t bite your nose to spite your face.”

Having already secured support from BBC Radio 6 Music among others, the band have established themselves as one to watch with the promise of more releases coming throughout the year.

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