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Brookfield Line releases infectious new single ‘Pick Me Up’

Brookfield Line are a 4-piece rock & roll band from St. John’s, Newfoundland. Harmonies are the signature feature in their music and pays homage to all of their favourite artists from the ’60s and ’70s. Crafting an irresistible live show through their stint as Beatles cover band, they’ve grown tight as a touring outfit and this has helped them hugely with their own material. With no live work during the pandemic, they decided to start writing their own tunes, and their latest offering ‘Pick Me Up’ was crafted.

Drums provide the perfect foundation for the track, playful but pierce through the mix creating an infectious groove. Guitars soaked in chorus swirl melodies in between each other and lay softly on top of the percussion. On top, lead singer Curtis Harding’s voice is divine and pure, but also raw, passionate and soaked in melody. Brookfield Line’s focus is on harmony built with lots of different vocal lines, rather than just one lead vocal.

They want their audience to take something away from this irresistible sound. They tell us: “We love rock music, and all we want is for people to listen to our music and feel some emotion from it. Whether it jumps them into overdrive and pumps them up to start their day or relaxes them after having a stressful day. At the end of the day this is the main goal. Getting emotion from an audience on an international level.”

With live performance being their speciality, we can’t wait to see them take their music on the road. With this in mind, they’re not leaving the cover band life fully behind and promise to get you up and dancing if you do see them at show: “We know over 150 Beatles songs together so it’s also become kind of a thing that after we perform our original set that we do a bunch of Beatles numbers to close to night.”

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