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Cacien releases the joyful album ‘GP’s Anatomy’

Shenzhen-based singer-songwriter Cacien roots her music in blending a range of genres, achieving a uniquely diverse sound as she does so. The 23-year-old released her first global solo album ‘Garlica Princess’ in 2022, the project achieving over 650M views on the Chinese version of TikTok.

Now, Cacien once again brings her cheerful attitude to listeners with a fresh album ‘GP’s Anatomy’. Leading on from her previous LP, the artist showcases eight tracks that journey audiences through smooth jazz influences all the way to self-empowered pop energisers. Cacien graces her lyricism with distinctive themes of love, both of herself and others. Blending the euphoric and the melancholic, the project is overall an embrace of joy.

Cacien adds, “I deeply dissect my brain in this album from the third-person perspective. Acting as Garlica Bunny, I divided my brain into two parts just like it is structured: the ‘Love Brain’ (right brain) and the ‘Independent Brain’ (left brain). The album documents my journey from seeking external validation to embracing self-love.”


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