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Cadillac Muzik brings the funk on new single 'Cerebral Celebration'

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

From the quality of the production to the sophisticated musicianship and attention to detail, San Antonio-based Cadillac Muzik is a template for the modern-day musician: hard-working, high caliber, and refreshingly original. They display their refreshingly unique southern-rap sound on their new single “Cerebral Celebration”, out now via Bona Fide Mindz Entertainment.

It encourages people to escape to that special creative place in their minds, throw a party there, and leave the troubles of reality behind for 3 minutes and 15 seconds. It's a positive energy / good vibe feeling that makes people smile and enjoy the good in life.

Cousins Beseja “Caddymack” Moses and Scott Campbell were always drawn to music as kids growing up on the east and west sides of San Antonio, but it wasn’t until 2003, when the duo was in their teens, that they started writing and rapping with their cousins in the local rap group THK (Texas Hardknocks). Like most artists working to find their niche sound, Campbell and Moses would continue to collaborate with other artists until 2010, when they finally landed on their funky hip-hop tone.

Within the first moments of their latest single, it’s clear Cadillac Muzik wants you to jump on some acid-laced cartoon train ride to Funkytown, outer space, Stankonia or wherever the wild futuristic funk party is happening nowadays. When the music kicks off, it jumps right into the kind of psychedelic, synth-laced hip-hop and R&B that's reminiscent of Cee-Lo Green and Outkast.

Now, we’ve all endured the excited friend that shows us their raw, unmixed, lo-fi home recordings, but let us assure you — there's nothing lo-fi about anything that the Billboard-charting group put their hands on.



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