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Calista Kazuko Delivers Theatrical New Single 'Panda'

Calista Kazuko has shared the theatrical, Kate Bush-esque new single 'Panda'. Built around playful percussion, deep bass and a washing soundscape of vocal harmonies and warming piano, Calista's vocals take centre stage as her effortlessly charismatic vocals shine.

Demonstrating her ability to make heartfelt yet quirky music which goes deeper than the catchy melodies it presents, the single is an ode to motherhood built around the reoccurring analogy of a panda which is prominent throughout the lyrics - an animal important to the Japanese side of the musician’s family.

Speaking about what this special song means to her, Kazuko shares:

“‘Panda’ is a celebration of Motherhood. A thank you to my own fabulous Mama and a thank you to the magical little Bean growing in my tummy. Now, having taken a few months dedicated to milk-stained maternal bliss, I’m so excited to share this very special song and video to celebrate Mother’s Day 2022.

My beautiful baby girl is named after her Great-great-grandmother if you go straight up the female line on my Japanese side. The super loveable, super-kawaii panda is deeply loved in our family, in fact my Granny had a whole room devoted to them!

It’s true what they say… becoming a Mother really does make you feel invincible, it’s the greatest gift I could have ever asked for!”

Accompanied by an equally playful, heartwarming video which features Calista and her daughter, the new single 'Panda' is out now. Watch below.



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