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Call Me Cannon to Release Latest Single "You Want My Love" 8/1

Credit: Karin Hallen

Indie rock band Call Me Cannon is back with their latest single, “You Want My Love,” set for release on August 1st. The track, which uses the group’s knack for writing an infectious hook, plays on the title as the narrator beckons a love interest to leave their partner just for the night. Strong vocals, classic guitars, and punchy drums deliver a radio-ready anthem that offers a contemporary edge to the rock of previous decades. They produce a sound that listeners of Arctic Monkeys, Foo Fighters, War on Drugs, Milky Chance, and Muse will undoubtedly turn up.

Based across the U.S., Call Me Cannon is composed of Michael Fitzgerald, Jonathan Clark, and Tony Brock. Fitzgerald, who has written and recorded 17 independent albums and had two songs nominated for Song of the Year by Hollywood Independent Music Awards (2006, 2017), has worked with notable artists like Neil Young. Clark, who is currently on tour with Dwight Yoakam, has played alongside Glenn Frey/Joe Walsh, Don Henley, Christopher Cross, Peter Cetera, and Post Malone. Brock is best known for founding The Babys, recording and touring with Rod Stewart and Jimmy Barnes, and his work with Bernie Taupin. The wide-reaching experience and fame of each member led to their introduction to one another in 2022, when professional ties between the three dating back to 2005 came to fruition. After their first recording session, Fitzgerald offered up some of his unreleased songs to the group, resulting in their formal formation with the purpose to, “do what we want as long as it rocks.”

“You Want My Love” was born in a similar way, with Fitzgerald writing the track to be a satirical take on a love song. As it evolved into a pop-rock track, the energetic twist gave it new life and the group realized it needed to be a single. The accompanying music video feeds into this upbeat vibe, featuring live footage of the group playing to sprawling crowds and a 90’s haze over footage of a skatepark.

Previous release "Submission" has surpassed over 400k views on youtube. Other notable press includes RTE, top radio shows in the UK, and a spot for their second single “Circles” on the UK Best Rock 2023 playlist. “You Want My Love” will be featured on Call Me Cannon’s debut LP, Better Late Than Never, which traverses classic rock, pop-rock, and retro rock.

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