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Canada's new bop queen Charmaine releases debut EP 'HOOD AVANT-GARDE'

It's so refreshing to see an artist that oozes in confidence and swagger, and Canada's new 'bop queen' Charmaine has entered the fold with this and it's undeniable. With her overall messaging of female empowerment being at the forefront, Charmaine possesses a gift to switch between bars and melodies like it's normality.

With 3 million streams combined for her two singles 'BOO' and 'WOO!', Charmaine made a statement from the very beginning of her journey. She is listed as one of Complex Canada's 25 artists to watch in 2021 and it's easy to see why. It os obvious to see why she is also being hailed as 'Queen of the North', it's hip-hop with a pop influx that's bold and doesn't shy away, her charm and character shine through on each track.

'I DON'T CARE' speaks volumes and first those first listeners it immediately draws you in with the trap beats and bass lines that keep you wanting more. Charmaine's rhymes and confidence are portrayed with her bold and fresh lyricism and the ability to take charge of a song and make it her own.

Her previous single 'WOO!' is no different and Charmaine once again owns it, you can imagine her controlling the stage and people around her with the presence and attitude she effortlessly carries throughout each track. 'BOLD' is her music in a nutshell and celebrates her freedom as an artist and the platform she has created for herself, and people are certainly paying attention.

The EP climaxes with the epic 'SMH' and equips that playful personality that the Canadian songstress possesses. It's swooning piano lines and synths, packed with hooks and constant beats and a drive from the woman herself which is impossible to ignore.

Make sure you check out 'HOOD AVANT-GARDE' before it's playing across the globe as Charmaine is showing no signs of stopping, in fact, she's only just getting started.


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