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Canada’s next big R&B talent Jenna Bennett releases ‘Rhythm of You’

Delivering silky smooth vocals and spacey melodies, Jenna Bennett’s ‘Rhythm of You’ is a seriously sultry offering. With a groovy undertone, the track will have you foot tapping from the very start, as you get lost in Jenna’s story-like lyricism.

Writing songs from the age of 15, Jenna began honing her unique sound from a young age, in turn creating a rich, powerful sound that exudes authenticity.

Showing off impressive vocal control and a mesmerising range, Jenna’s star quality leaps from her newest record, and leaves us wondering what she will return with next.

In writing ‘Rhythm of You’, I explored the idea that everything happens for a reason – so when plans get cancelled, maybe they’re supposed to. And maybe, what’s meant to be can exceed our expectations.” - Jenna Bennett

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