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  • Rose Shannonn

Candice blesses fans with 'Pick Up Your Phone'

Reading-based singer-songwriter Candice​showcases​ her passionate vocal ability and candid songwriting on her soulful new single “​Pick Up The Phone​”​. Produced by ​Brando Walker​(​Pixie Lott​,ToniRomiti​,IzzyBizu​), “​Pick Up The Phone​” is calm and measured, yet immensely powerful, putting a refreshing twist on contemporary R&B. Weaving honest, emotive energy into every note she sings, Candice creates a rich and melodic soundscape, fusing her dynamic R&B influences together to create her own composed style.

With warm vocals sliding across a backdrop of laid-back beats and rhythmic guitar notes, “​Pick Up The Phone​” is a heartbroken ode to unanswered calls and mixed messages.

“‘​Pick Up The Phone​’ is about being with someone and things are great and then all of a sudden things change, that person’s gone cold on you and all you want is for them to ‘pick up the phone’,” Candice explains.

“This is a song I really believe in and I’m very passionate about because I felt every word that was written.”


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