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Carly and Martina release their raw and soulful alt-pop track ‘Heartbreak’

Chicago-based producer-writer duo Carly and Martina expertly craft their sweet and soulful sound on their new track ‘Heartbreak’. Despite their often delicate and light vocals, their production has some serious edge with nods to nostalgic 90s pop sounds and bass riffs that drive their track forward.

Carly and Martina explain: “"heartbreak" is about loving someone so much that you realize how much you have to lose. It's about that moment when you look at someone and realize that if this doesn't work, this is going to be the worst heartbreak of your life. “

Their raw and relatable lyrics blend seamlessly with their thoughtful production, creating a pop track that is just as much a break-up song as it is a singalong wonder.

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