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Caslean drops heartwarming new single “Heartbreak Discoteque”

With cultural influences from both London and China, artist Caslean has been able to show uniqueness in her songwriting by mixing female feelings with dreamy naivety. Caslean has already gained major streaming traction in China, which has led to her being interviewed by major tastemakers such as Vogue China and showcased by the Wire, Notion and Selfridges.

Her new release is an animating and lush single entitled ‘Heartbreak Discoteque’. It’s a track that brings a live-feel, but blends it in with elegantly produced instrumentation and a catchy vocal hook. This is glazed with a groovy bassline and infectious drum rhythm.

Speaking about the new single, she says, “It’s a song about the sparkle between a naive girl and an experienced man. The girl wants to give out all of her sincerity, energy, and love; but the man just hurts her feelings, steps back, and doesn’t want to go further than that night. The choruses are designed as empty without words or meanings, but only with ‘balabla’. It’s a very emotional expression of feelings for that girl. Also, it’s designed to be a live environment for the first part and a studio environment for another 2 parts to have a contrast between shyness at the beginning and confidence in the end.”

Going against the grain and making it work is something that Caslean embraces, and her refreshing attitude to indie-pop makes her an incredibly interesting artist to watch.



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