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Casperaki: Pushing the boundaries of music by using their AI-enhanced tracks to compete for San Marino's Eurovision Song Contest entry

In a groundbreaking collaboration between technology and music, Casperaki, the London-based AI music production platform, has unveiled four distinct tracks vying for a coveted spot in "Una Voce Per San Marino 2024," San Marino's national selection for Eurovision 2024. These songs, crafted through Casperaki's AI-enhanced music composition and production platform, showcase the innovative fusion of artificial intelligence and human creativity.

From January 18th to 21st, a team of talented artists convened in London for a songwriting camp, where they transformed Casperaki's AI-generated ideas into captivating pop compositions. Mathias Strasser, the founder and CEO of Casperaki, emphasised the platform's role in supporting musicians rather than replacing them. The camp served as a testament to the platform's ability to inspire and empower artists on their creative journey.

He says “For us at Casperaki, technology has always been about supporting creators, not replacing them. As such, it was humbling to see hugely talented musicians engage with our platform and build on the ideas generated by it to create truly captivating pop songs. We are incorporating our users’ feedback into the platform and look forward to releasing a suite of tools to help musicians on their creative journey.”

Now, Eurovision enthusiasts have the opportunity to engage with these AI-enhanced tracks by visiting the YouTube videos for each song. Through likes, comments, and feedback, fans can influence the selection process alongside an expert jury. The winning song will advance to the finals of "Una Voce Per San Marino" on February 24, 2024, competing against 15 other entries for the chance to represent San Marino at Eurovision 2024.

Watch the videos below and cast your vote by liking and commenting on your favourite and be part of history.


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