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Casual T put their own spin on Daddy Nat's classic 'Elders'

Released at the beginning of July, 'Elders' is the latest offering from Casual T - an artist that needs to be at the top of your radar. Already a classic, the Daddy Nat cover features Abhi the Nomad. An impressive version from start to finish, it's always hard to live up to expectations when taking on a cover, but Casual T exceeds by a landslide. A powerful remix that will leave you dancing around your household like there's no tomorrow, Casual T's remix for 'Elders'

"This song was a blast because I really gotta put my creative spin on it. Daddy NAT and Abhi's voices fit well over the big, spacey hip hop vibe I had in my head. The remix, which is super weird and dark, sounds nothing like the original track, which had a catchy, poppy vibe to it. That's the beauty of it. We went in with one thing and came out with something completely different. I can't wait to drop this on a big stage soon" - Casual T



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