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CECE drops new single “Over You”

CECE’s music is a full representation of her. Her innermost thoughts and feelings are expressed colourfully in her music in an attempt to provide comfort for those who are going through similar things. Over the past few years, since moving to L.A., she’s gathered a loyal, global fanbase who hang on her every release.

Her latest single “Over You” is, yet again, another immersive, personal offering. The track manages to blend infectious and hard-hitting together, with tinges of vulnerability to found in-between. With powerful instrumentation and anthemic vocals, “Over You” is sure to pick you up and leave you wanting more.

Speaking about the single, she says: “This song is a cautionary tale, it is shining awareness on the fact that sometimes you cannot choose the things that are actually best for you because you are so used to toxicity that anything calm and real feels uncomfortable and unfamiliar. If I can be honest with myself (and listeners) about being unable to choose a healthy relationship at one time, maybe others will be able to be honest about their own destructive patterns.”

With tonnes of accolades, and years of creative experience, CECE is destined for the top.



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