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Celiane The Voice releases new single 'Papa's Song (What Is This Feeling?)'

Artist and songwriter Celiane The Voice has recently released a fantastic new single by the name of ""Papa's Song (What Is This Feeling?)". This new release falls somewhere in between the timeless energy of dance music and the appeal of R&B, going for a true personal and unpredictable approach to sound.

One of the most exciting features of ""Papa's Song (What Is This Feeling?)" is the fact that this release stays true to the unmistakable vibe and personality of this artist, while also creating a brand new aesthetic of sound by aiming to be more creative and inventive in terms of sound design and innovation alike. Celiane The Voice excels at endowing her music with something quite special, and this release feels like a perfect example of what her style is really all about.

Find out more about Celiane The Voice, and do not miss out on ""Papa's Song (What Is This Feeling?)". This release is currently available on the best digital streaming platforms.



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