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Chandra releases bold and bright single ‘I’ll Be There’

Chandra is back with a brand new feel-good pop-rock anthem in the form of ‘I’ll Be There’. Invigorating from the first moments thanks to a roaring, riff-heavy arrangement, the track is motivational and fiery, wrapping up astute world observations in a high-octane and gritty package filled with earworm moments. Backed up by a band of talented musicians, Chandra once again showcases his energised frontman abilities, with a powerful lead vocal that booms out into the atmosphere. If you’re in need of a stirring pick-me-up and plenty of distortion, this is the track for you.

Chandra speaks on what the song means to him, "I used to despair at the fact that nothing I did would make a blind bit of difference against the swirling vortex of war, disease, corruption, political turmoil and environmental disasters. Waking up every day to a backdrop of relentless bad news, feeling helpless to do anything about it, really gets you down. But the truth is we CAN effect a change and it starts right here, at home, with how we treat one another. We can be the ones to turn this all around with simple but widespread acts of love, trust and empathy.

I wrote this song to help everyone realise that you can make small changes to the way you act… simply be there for someone, smile at someone and with every single positive move we dissipate more and more bad feeling. On a grand scale I think that represents the sea change that we all need. And I purposefully filled this song with little musical surprises (some bigger than others) to make everyone smile, snigger and beam while they think about what small thing they can do to make someone happy.”

Emerging with a bold and bright personality to match his songwriting, Chandra is bouncing on from a pivotal 2023 that saw the success of singles, 'Pretty' and 'Smile (No Fox Gibbon)’. Now Chandra looks ahead to the new year, taking a full band to the road and gradually moving closer to the release of his debut EP.


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