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Chel releases the rich single ‘Sweet Spot’

Chel is back with a new offering entitled ‘Sweet Spot’, a track expressive in its themes of love, romance and lust. A plucky guitar melody and warm bass line fills out the beats instrumentation, with the drums being dynamic and bouncy, riding the rhythms of the melody. Vocally, Chel shows off her impressive talents. Soaring up and down the register and filling in with rich harmonies, she is flirtatious and confident.

Chel shares on the new track, “I wanted to express how I love on the person I'm interested in. I'm intentional and focused, more importantly I have fun. The dating game can be fake, everyone is pretending, and people often can't meet the expectations they set. I like to be real, honest and in the moment. I value the same in return, so I wrote about it."

North London-born and fiercely independent, Chel has a sound that fuses R&B and Pop for an arresting sound that has been lauded by media since her first release in 2018.


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