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CHELJI releases the personality drenched ‘Funeral’

Birmingham-born singer CHELJI is taking her take on 21st century pop to the masses. Originally returning to music after a viral moment on TikTok, she now takes her hard-hitting dark sound to new releases. Themes of domestic abuse, depression and substance abuse all inform her music through personal experience and her unapologetic attitude is a breath of fresh air for the industry.

Her latest track is ‘Funeral’, a track that sets the tone instantly with a moody guitar riff and a half spoken, half sung empowered speech from the artist. More instruments start to feed into the rebel anthem, with CHELJI continuing to deliver an unapologetic performance that aims to disrupt, and succeeds in that goal. The blend of pop tendencies and grunge attitude is a direction that promises to entice listeners from all music avenues, with CHELJI’s personality coming part and parcel.

CHELJI explains the track, “I wrote funeral when I was in Sweden, as always I started with a guitar loop.. I never know what I’m going to write about until I start free styling and just start “saying how i feel” but I seemed to be angry about a past relationship at the time so I went with it. It’s a karma anthem.”


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