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chiika arrives with ‘Poseidon’

Prepare to be submerged into ‘Poseidon’, chiika’s newest sparkling single, filled with an abundance of sugar-sweet melodies, warming guitar riffs and drenched in alt-pop and Trap beats.

chiika reveals: “It’s a song about the summer that I wanted to have this year, but that Covid scuppered - this ideal of being able to almost recklessly throw yourself into love because you have enough self-worth and self-love to understand how valuable you are and understand why people would love you back, and because of this being able to love someone with all your heart and ‘dive in’ to it. It’s likening someone to a deity whilst acknowledging yourself as something divine, too, and it’s a song that’s a lot of fun to listen to and sing along with!”

A fresh face to the music scene, chiika released her debut EP ‘Unlearning’ in early 2021, debuting her sound that nods to her Indian heritage whilst incorporating fiery beats and an unequivocally British vocal delivery. Now back with her impressive offering ‘Poseidon’, chiika is quickly proving herself as a force to be reckoned with. Be sure to keep an eye out for what this artist returns with!

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